"Part of the Sea" Girly design

Just had my first submission accepted for scoring. Feedback would be appreciated!

Watch this

I think you'd have a stronger design without the background gradient/airbrush effect here. By keeping just the character and the water effect you'd have a stronger shape and a better focal point.


I like the background coloring. It gives it a nice magical oceany-feel. Like she actually has a setting rather than just a figure on a t-shirt like I see so often. Nice work. If anything maybe just continue the water spiral up to reach into her hair? Just to add to the magic that this design seems to give off?

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Lovely idea, the pose is interesting, but what are her hands doing ? I don't care for the background, at least as is it looks unfinished. Colors are nice, but they have gotten too muddy. I love the swirls of the water and hear, in parts they get a little strait lined. Over all it looks like a good beginning for a great illustration, it just needs more work. More highlights and shadows and tighten up the edges a little. Add little details like some sparkle to the water.

You could ask for feedback before you sub (make a wip thread) that way you could add or fix things (if you want) or at least get an idea how people like it, before it gos to voting.

welcome :) and keep up the good work, I'd like to see more :)


As for what are her hands doing, for me, that's leaving it to the imagination which is part of the appeal. However, if I didn't already know the name & the concept, I wouldn't recognize it as actually representing "the sea." Still great artwork!


Thanks for all the feedback so far!. I'm very new to painting (especially digital painting) so I will definitely keep working on this. I have a couple other ideas in mind for other shirts that I will be posting before submitting.

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