Asking for help with a Girly design - I call it "Tankmelt"

Ok, so this design for the girly challenge got rejected, and I'd like to get some ideas or input from y'all. Maybe there's something more interesting I could do with the background color? Maybe hearts are just too cliche? Any comments are appreciated, thank you!

Watch this

Oh my, I had not considered that! Maybe I should remove the drop at the bottom?

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I think the bottom line is that this isn't very well illustrated and that the concept doesn't really work or resonate very well.

The drawing looks a bit rough and unfinished. there are patches which are solid and conversely see-through and where you've mirror the tank and overlaid it it just looks like a mess.

The idea doesn't make a lot of sense. What do tanks have to do with love? Are tanks particularly girly?

You also need to take a look round the Threadless shop and see what traditionally is successful here and weigh up your design next to them. Would you where this Tee if you were a girl, do you foresee Threadless selling a great deal of these designs?


What jumps out to me is that you clearly are using a photograph of a tank and messing around with the brightness and contrast to get just the outlines. This is a good first step, but the work would look much better if you then used it as a reference for your own original illustration. This would allow you more control over what is/isn't shown and ultimately help you get your idea across more clearly. At the moment, the design is so busy that I wouldn't know I was looking at tanks had I not read your description. Perhaps, trace over the image in Photoshop or Illustrator and play with some different ways to make the two tanks into one coherent image as opposed to just overlaying them on top of each other.

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I don't think tracing or playing around with the contrast of a photo is a good start to anything. Original artwork is good place to start, and even better place to start is having a good solid idea in the first place.


hi, maybe you read the thread about taking something girly, like a heart, and then giving an unexpected twist to it. if so; maybe this is a bit too unexpected ; ) i think the shape of the tanks are not really close to a heart shape, so it doesn't work. i think in principle photography could be considered to be art as well and so i don't care about tracing or cutting and pasting, but the concept and execution need to be stronger.


Thank you all, I really do appreciate your comments. Lots of good thoughts here!c

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