I was declined, Help?

My design was declined for the minimilist competition, what can I do to improve it?

it's about the railway in the wild west and all the lives it claimed!

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That seems very far fetched, I don't see anything exactly related to railways or the wild west. I see a mustache, a monocle and a pair of chopsticks.


I see the rails, just because you said so. Also there's nothing amazing in the art itself. Not sure it's worth your time to improve it. Better start something else =)


Haha... fair enough then, I'll leave it be. I could probably fool around with it but I'm sure it wouldn't help... it's probably one of those things where I can see it because I had the idea but no one else would because there's no frame of reference other than the monocle and mutton chops haha


HAHA! it actually looks like monty burns' father in one of those flash backs he has!

Torakamikaze said:

i love you torasteeb


A railroad thinks of a railroad tie to be need. I think about whether I add a silk hat, a bow tie, the smoke of the train.

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