Oh Cruel World!: Stuck in a Design Pickle...

My submission concept for this design is under developed. I originally had this idea of have the bubbles turn into a world, but every time I tried to plug it into the design it looked like crap. I am not quite sure what to do, so if anybody has any tips or ideas on how to make this possible that would be awesome.
1.) The first picture is the fish without the world
2.)`Fish with world first attempt
3.) Fish with world last attempt

Watch this

For the idea of bubbles turning into the Earth, I think you could do something with the glare off the bubbles. Perhaps, one glare becomes multiple glares and then they begin shifting into position of the continents? Also, I think the design could be helped a lot by the Earth being hand drawn. Otherwise I feel that it's really awkward with such a large contrast in style between the fish and Earth.

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Not really a fan of the concept but definitely loving the illustration style. Think the design could be better if you illustrated the earth and maybe put the fish within it in a creative way? Two styles of the fish and earth are clashing. Am I reading too much into it or are does this have something to do with evolution? Or if you illustrated the steps of the fish evolving with this style would be freaking awesome.


Thank you so much for the advice!


me too, I think it would be better to have Earth and fish with same hand drawing style. Maybe you should draw also other planets and moon...what do you think about that?


That's a good idea, I'll think about that.


I have to say, I think the overall idea here isn't really conveyed well. I'm no god at art or anything, but I wouldn't suggest lingering on this design for much longer. I like your style with the fish, but the art doesn't really make sense. Best wishes.

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