Am i liable for copyright infringement if my design is based on a superhero?

I have created the following design My question is are there copyright issues as this was just an artistic impression I created based on the popular character who will remain nameless...?!?

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you kind of gave it away by calling it 'iron eyes'

You're only liable for copyright infringement if you sell it.


Yeah it's not the most cryptic of titles I admit... So even though it's an artistic impression of the man himself I should just pull the design before it goes on sale? if it goes on sale as it's still in voting week.


Also Mike, is that a Simpsons design on your portfolio... are you just chancing it?

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Threadless has printed a bunch of Iron Man designs but they were from a contest sponsored by Marvel, they're not likely to print Iron Man stuff otherwise. Same goes for the Simpsons designs, it's officially licensed.


Don't get me wrong but it won't go on sale.

silviuchiriac said:

Don't get me wrong but it won't go on sale.

haha yaa true !

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There are many websites and articles available for you to learn about copyright, trademark, parody, etc. Each instance is different and could apply to a different set of laws, rules, questions, etc.

Fan art could simply be defined as just that, art created because you are a fan of a character or movie. When you attempt to sell or license said art for the gain of profit and monetary value is when the art is subjected to laws. Research!

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^true... yet so many seem to be earning fame&fortune, and getting away with this don't they?

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Because we have a partnership with Marvel/Iron man, it's fine. We just have to have their approval if we wish to print it.

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