New to Threadless. Looking for some help with designs.

Hi there!

I'm new to t-shirt designing, and am incredibly excited (and nervous) about posting to the forums. So far I have submitted three different designs and, have had them all declined.
Here are some links to the designs.

You're Hot! / Aviator Bear:

Rock Concert:

After my third submission, in the decline e-mail, it was recommended I use a submission kit so, I'll be doing that!
I was also wondering if anyone had some additional advice/guidance/tips/tricks to help me improve my designs.

Thanks in advance!

Watch this
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i like this one although its preety hard to see, id say to just clean up your illustraions a bit. smudging can be a huge turn off if its not done right! keep it up! and welcome to threadless


Thanks @chuck p comics I'll clean it up! : )


I agree with the bear one, maybe simplifying it a little bit more will help. I am also new down here so I am trying to learn how things are being done. So far I like the community and makes me excited in submitting more work <3 Please let us know when you are done so I can vote for your design :D

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Definitely stick to the sub kit. As far as designs go, just keep at it. The more you sub, the better you'll get. Welcome yo the Threadless community!


Sorry these replies are late everyone!

@artechin Thanks for the guidance! I just resubmitted Aviator Bear for the 20K challenge! Thanks for your support as well!

@lunchboxbrain Thanks for the advice! The sub kit really makes things easier for submission. : D

@amritaulakh89 That's a really cute design! : )

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