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My two designs, Fishy Wishy and Be Creative got really low scores (1.87 and 1.72). Some feedback would would fabulous.

Watch this

I agree with the above, and would just like to add that, while the art on the fish looks great, the second one needs some fine tuning.


Thank you, I forgot to find balance in my picture and I totally see that now. I usually try to have a good flow when ever I am painting but I can now see my mistake... Thank you so much for the feedback, I will work on all suggestions you guys gave me.

vanillablue said:

Not really clear on the concept behind the fish. Why would I want to have this on my shirt? But I think the colors are great.

I like the second one but it can use a little more work on the music rainbow above the "Be." The cat also is looking a little too sickly and I think the colors are too bright. It also is really heavy on the left side with a the rocket, rainbow and cat vs. the right side that doesn't have as much. It draws my eye straight to that cat and he doesn't look like he's having a good time. I do like your style though.



my 5 cents is that i would 100% not wear either. i find them clumsy in an artless way. poor colour/ visual balance, poor concept. my suggestion would be to take a long hard look at your art compared to what has been printed over the years here:

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