Photoshop cs6 color profiles? Any info appreciated! :)

Hi! I'm a newb to subbing [but I've bought a ton of shirts : P] and I tried searching the forums [through google--don't think there is an actual forum search function as of yet] and I couldn't really find anything--Does the threadless staff have recommendations based on their printers/printing process about the most accurate color profile for photoshop?

Or... should I just use the default "North American General Purpose 2?" I ask this because the srgb profile for this seems more for web/general and less for printing... and i think I've seen a post where someone was showing pictures of his printed tee against the actual design and the colors were not as bright [since srgb colorspaces include light from the monitor?]

Or... is there a color profile that they have setup which we can download/load up that is specific to threadless shirts/shirt printer inks? Possibly something their shirt printers recommend?

Or is ProPhoto RGB recommended? [since that is more a printers output setting]

[I'm sure people have probably asked this, but any information I find on it seems really dated or not exactly an answer...]

Anyways, thanks in advance!!!!

I'm sure all the alums/subbers have figured this out already so any input would be great : )

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Profiles don't really mean jack when you're talking screen printing. They use specialty inks and programs to approximate colours. But the capabilities of replicating what you see on your screen and what you can put down onto fabric are limited.

And you're right, nothing, not even a poster printed on glossy paper with a backlight behind it will be as bright as a screen because RGB is light-based colour mixing and CMYK is ink-based colour mixing.

Coming from someone with over ten years in the design/print industry, my advice is to just show the design how you want it to look and don't worry about this stuff.


: D thanks for the quick reply! I guess it'll be an experiment [more to see if I even get an accepted sub! lol] I was just wondering because I was experimenting with watercolor effects in photoshop and was thinking the soft washes would be even more dull if [big one there] it gets printed... anyways thanks for the advice, I'm probably overthinking cuz it's my first one :) [also I haven't used photoshop in a million years so everything feels new]

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