'Ideas are bulletproof'

So I tried to make a design from the quote 'Beneath this mask there is more than flesh. Beneath this mask is an idea, Mr. Creedy, and ideas are bulletproof.'
Now I have sent this design to get it printed, but it was declined (maybe also because I forgot to put it on those shirt thingies which is necessery) but I just wanted to ask you guys what your opinions are on this c:

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the type is a little hard to read and it feels like the whole composition could use just something more.


Definitely hard to read the type. The cheek "blushings" don't seem to be the same style. Throws me off a bit.

and copyright issue problems I think.


also, i would do yourself a favour and look at threadless.com/all to see if you really think this is something they would ever actually print. (nope.)

Morkki said:

I just cringe every time I see a Guy Fawkes mask

me too. it is so "we r anonymous expect us lol le cringe army XD"


I have opposite feelings about Guy Fawkes. He's awesome. Revolution! But I also agree with the copyright issue

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Every time someone buys a Guy Fawkes mask Time Warner gets a buck and someone in China gets a penny. Some fucking revolution.

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FoodStampDavis said:

Wouldn't this be a copyright issue, too?

that too, Time Warner owns the rights to this particular version of the guy fawkes mask because comics.


Ah okay, thanks everyone haha.

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