I just started and I am intrested in the answering a few questions. 1. What (closest match) colors do threadless blanks come in? 2. What pantone swatc

I just started and I am interested in the answering a few questions.

  1. What (closest match) colors do threadless blanks come in?

  2. What pantone inks swatches do they print with?

  3. How many colors can you use in your design?

  4. Does this community have many idea thieves? :(

I am new to this community, and any help would be appreciated. I will gladly checkout your designs. I will give responses (positively critical) and vote on designs I like.

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  1. I'm sure someone with a pantone book could come up with the closest match to their colours, but then, that might not be the best colour to show on the screen, so it's kind of pointless. You're just better off using an approximation going off what you see in the shop or get off their template.

  2. They use a multitude of printing techniques, so don't worry about this. If you're chosen for a print, they'll match as closely to your artwork as possible, in which event you could supply pantone numbers for their reference.

  3. Unlimited.

  4. Some, but not many, they are expertly called out and shamed here. You should feel very comfortable posting ideas and work in progress here in the forums.

Welcome to the community.

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  1. Pick the shirt colors from the catalog
  2. Pantone solid coated is pretty much the industry standard
  3. In theory unlimited but for screen printing stay under 10 inks. Many other sites actually set the limit at 6 so that's a good guideline.
  4. No idea is safe once it's on the internet

Thank you so much. I appreciate the help.

Also, How important Is the social networking aspect when trying to get the design printed. I think I can make some quality designs, but I'm not a guy with thousands of Facebook and Twitter friends.

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Not much, if any at all. What you need is people who like your design, not people who like you. So if it really is a quality design with mass appeal it will get attention and Threadless will probably take a closer look at designs that get a lot of attention. But still, the design counts.


That is good to know. I really appreciate the information. Hopefully I'll have one of my designs up pretty soon. I'm not an artist by career. So I'm a bit slower at this stuff. I have to work on them at night, and on the few days that I have free time. Hell, from what I can tell freelance artist work all night as well.

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