Need Feedback for Design

So, I've been working on this. Please, give me your feedback ( I haven't posted yet ).
Is this funny or crappy ?

Watch this

This is really crappy. Or just a very dark humor. Don't know which is better. Still I don't get what you want to express (don't worry I'm stupid).


EstefAzevedo profile pic Alumni

LOL ! Yeah, I just saw those incredibly stupid dogs wearing the most stupid clothes...and I just imagined the poor dog looking at me and saying: " Please kill me". Is there a way of not making this crappy...?


Actually it's not crappy at all, but the humour is really dark. Which is good. But not for this audience. I think you could use the same design just rename it to something pop

papaomaangas profile pic Alumni

I like it. And you are actually in the right place for this kind of joke. I only think that you should try to be more creative on where and how you put text on your design and it is also too big in the shirt. Make it smaller in your placement.

lxromero profile pic Staff

eh not crazy about the dog overlapping the type. I do love the design though. maybe a speech bubble? but a colorful one? also in terms of placement you might wanna put it higher on the shirt.


about the font, maybe something ultra-cute like the clothes?


It's funny! Not overly dark. Maybe you can scoot the text to the right and down a little bit so it makes a lockup with the dog?

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