Girly tee idea + process. Feedbacks are appreciated! (UPDATED)

So I've been feeling so unmotivated to get anything done lately. I'd start something without finishing it, I was hoping that this blog will help keep me on track as I know this will take me a long time to get done.

The title of the piece I'm working on will be A Cat Lady. The idea is to play on the phrase and literally taking it as a cat dressed in Renaissance clothing with flowers blooming out in a frame as the background. And as I've been studying lettering quite religiously lately, I wanted to incorporate that as part of the design. It will be more intricate than shown though.
Here's the initial sketch.

I've started on the cat lady, but the rest of it are still changeable.

So....any thoughts? :)

Sorry been gone for so long.. Between creative blocks and daily life it got in the way :(
Hope I still can get this done
Anyway I've worked on the lettering, I haven't inked it so far
I'd like to know what you think of it first :)

Watch this

I think this is starting to look really cool I feel like her face needs a little work, maybe remove the deep shadows and make the eyes more symmetrical. Her sleeves are a little too wrinkley and dangly but I think you're on the right track. This might look good on a beige shirt with that sketchy look and maybe just the necklace colored with pastels, and maybe for the font make a bunch of cats around it or her?


Definitely needs a cleaner face.

BlancaJP profile pic Alumni

great idea :) I'd like to see this finished. I'm with the others, face looks odd at this point. The nose and mouth stick out to me. Light lines as the above would be nice, but I think you could go black too and fill it in, but it could get really muddy. So before you get too much in to it. I'd consider what you options are. Can you get some light washes over the ink or erase start over.


I think the face is not too bad, that expression of "poshness" is what made me laugh, that little duck face models do. love it.


Thanks for the feedback guys, I'll see if I can redo the cat Anyway I did the lettering, would love to hear what you think of it!

opifan64 said:

I like it so far. It has kind of an Edward Gorey feel to it

I just googled Edward Gorey hahaha, great work! So thank you And I'm a huge fan of your work btw :D


Is this face better?

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