Increasing dpi in a submission?

I recently tried to submitted my art, but I got a message back telling me it was declined because the image quality was too poor. The message said to submit a 72dpi copy of my artwork, so I did. Then yesterday I got another email telling me the same thing. I scanned the original submission at 300dpi. The image submission is currently 4.12M with a width and height of 1200 pixels, 16.667x16.667 inches, and a resolution of 72dpi or pixels/inch. After trying and trying again, I seem to not be getting something right. Could someone please tell me what am I doing wrong so that it may be accepted?
Thank you!

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That's the right amount of pixels for the submission image. But that doesn't actually say anything about how blurry or pixelated the image is. Show us?

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This might be a little beside the point, but the inches & DPI don't matter as much as people think. For example, for the subs you can have a 1 inch document at 1200 dpi. What really matters is the pixel dimension. If somethings going wrong, I would double check that you've gone into whatever program it is and simply enter 1200px by 1200px. Don't mess with the inches or DPI or anything.

But like Morkki said, it'd be best to see the submission to tell what's up. You can go to to upload it and then link it in the comments. Sounds like something might be saving funky or blurry.


By the way, I am using Photoshop CS6.

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need to see the image. The statement "image quality too poor" isn't in regards to the number of pixels. For instance, these two images below have the same dpi and pixel dimensions.

1200 pixels, 72dpi:

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You can have an image at 300dpi but still blurry and at 72 dpi but still crispy and clear to look at. The way you drag your original file into another document and scale it up or down without making it a smart object first can make a difference. Can you post the declined images.

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For some reason mrnanovideos' comments aren't showing up in this thread, looks like a forum glitch. Anyway, here's his design

The "lack of quality" here isn't really a resolution issue but a more subjective one. Basically this is a collage of war related images off the web ran through a bunch of photoshop filters that simply doesn't come together as a nice design.

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