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Total T Shirt Designing Noob

Hello Threadless community! :)

As you can tell by the title im new to this whole t shirt designing thing. It's like a whole different area of art that i've never seen before and it's so freaking cool. Anyway, I'm not afraid of constructive criticism and I hope to receive some regarding these two submissions. Any ideas or advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks all!


Blimp/ Mino-Monkey-Taur:

Watch this
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Instead of thinly veiled promotion blogs, be so good that no one can ignore you.


Will do next time. I was too nervous to post until now. No more promotion blogs!


Maybe i should do screenshots instead of links so that it would be less promotional

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That's cool, most of us felt the same way at first too. Just say hi and make the odd comment here and there on the funny threads. If you're friendly, people will appreciate you joining the community and be more likely to interact with you.

If you really do want criticism for your art, post a WIP blog before you submit and bring up specific concerns you have about your work or concept.


Ohhhh. Yeah, you're right. When I feel ready I guess I'll be posting WIPs in the future. Thank you. You've been very friendly and helpful. I appreciate the professionalism.


hello! i read your username as "dried up penis"


hello! That made my day

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