Hey staff! Wonky login.

For some time I had to login everyday. Then I had to login every time I start Firefox. Today there is a new login page instead of the usual pop-up, and when I do I'm taken to TLess home page and not kept where I was. > Fixed

That's an unreasonable amount of hassle. Can you please fix?

I'm on the verge of becoming this

Watch this
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What does this login page look like? I still get the pop up. Try a different browser maybe?


Got the popup this morning, cool! =)

The page had the 3 sign-up / login / FB login options, don't remember much else. Maybe it was a large popup.


I logged-in once, a year ago.


The good news: I now keep logged in from one day to the next =)

The bad news: I get randomly unlogged from time to time, when a page is slow and I'm getting impatient and click around :S


^ do you hate it so much? =)

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