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Mall Dad

Kids: "Hey Dad. Can we go to Macy's?"

Mall Dad: "Hmmmmm... let Macy."

Kids: "Hey Dad. Can we go to Sears?"

Mall Dad: "I don't Sears why not!"

Kids: "Hey Dad. Can we go to Jamba Juice?"

Mall Dad: "Every night I lie awake. I can still hear her. 'Richard, I love you.' I'll never forget the first time she said it. We were young. Too young to understand what love was. Too young to understand anything, really. But in that moment, it didn't matter. Like everything else that had ever happened in my life before that very second, it didn't matter. All that mattered was her. And now she's gone. "

Watch this

That's a really cute candid of George Lopez imo


Kids: "Dad, can I have 4 quarters so I can play Enduro Racer?"

Mall Dad: "After you finish your bourbon chicken"

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Kids: "Hey Dad. Can we go to Game Stop?"

Mall Dad: "'Stop.' she said with a faint quiver in her voice, 'I don't want it to be like this.' I couldn't see it then. I was too busy being blinded by my own selfishness to care. We wanted the same thing, but I was too stubborn to admit it. Too proud. So I let her go."


Kids: "Hey Dad. Can we go to Kay Bee Toys?"

Mall Dad: "K, I'll be at Forever 21."


Kids: "Hey Dad. Can we go to The United Colors of Benneton?"

Mall Dad: "There's been a ton of grab n' dash style thieveries perpetrated by urban youths there recently. So no, we can't go there. But how 'bout Lane Bryyyaaant?!"


Kids: Can we go to American Apparel?

Mall Dad: Let me check with mom. She says we can't, apparently.


i wish my dad could send me dumb texts like these.


Kids: "Hey Dad. Can we go to Sam Goody?"

Mall Dad: "Kids, go-die in a fire. Daddy's face down in this chair getting shiatsu massage."


Kids: "Hey Dad. Can we go to Piercing Pagoda?"

Mall Dad: "Daddy pa-go ta this. Daddy pa-go ta that."

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Kids: "Hey Dad, can we go to Walden Books?"

Dad: "Yes, just be prepare yourselves to be Walled in books."

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Mall Dad: "How's your Jamba Juice honey?" Daughter one: "Grackleshlumphssppsppp." Daughhter two: "My real dad says your a grammar Nazi." Mall Dad: " *you're "

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Kids: "Hey dad. Can we go to Hot Topic?"

Mall Dad: "You know what's a hot topic right now? That internet. Some good stuff on that internet."


Hope you downloaded that pic from Dreams Time.


Kids: "Hey dad. Can we go to Aldo?

Mall Dad: "Yes. Aldo its against my better judgement. No Rockports = how you say, 'teh fail.'"

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