Need some feedback on my design

Hi all, my design recently got declined and I was hoping to get a little feedback as to why, the only reason I can see is that No.1 I'm not the greatest artist and the design might still need a bit of work. and No.2 my design doesn't really fit the general style of other Threadless designs. I hope that peoples comments on this thread lead to my design improving and eventually getting accepted.

Watch this

Even if it eventually gets accepted, I don't think it will ever score high or print. This is not the threadless style. I think you should look at what gets printed, and try something different. Good luck.


who on earth would buy this? it is a giant expanse of grey. it is not clever or beautiful or lovely... it is just icky.


This could be a cool design if you messed around with color and/or more dynamic lighting. Like taz-pie said, it doesn't really have much of an appeal when it's this mid-toned. Try to pull some bright brights out and make your darks really dark. Since there isn't anything to the design other than the female anatomy, you may want to study some reference a little harder as well. You would definitely benefit from doing more figure study in general and tightening up your digital brushwork. I also personally think you made a really lame font choice, so you may want to rethink that. Hope this helps! Sorry for the rant.


May you show a family this T-shirt? I have the desire that wants to make a sexy thing. But it is necessary to think about expression carefully.

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