Space Tourists Project - Last one done!

I started this project back in January this year when I was looking at some old holiday photos of when I visited Singapore a couple of years ago.

A wonderful old theme park lay deserted, through my western eyes the place was magical, especially as my Dad had visited there forty years ago. The attractions depict scenes from Chinese mythology, folklore, legends, history, and illustrations of various aspects of Confucianism.

The sculptures there were pretty wonderful, except some of the animal representations were creepy, some of the anthropomorphic ones were scary. Perhaps the idea was to frighten children so they wouldn't sin. The place was built in the late 30's buy the chaps who owned Tiger Balm, and some people refer to the place as tiger balm gardens.

One thought led to another, and I ended up coming up with the idea of putting my own photos of the statues, together with landscapes I had shot. The added element was public domain photographs of astronauts and spacesuits.

Coupled together, I think they look pretty effective, some are freaky but generally it was a nice way to repurpose these photos that were sitting on my computer doing nothing.

This guy

These guys

I have one more in progress, which I hope to submit soon, the surrealism challenge seemed as good a place as any to submit them!

Watch this

These are all really neat.

Love this one the best:

quick-brown-fox profile pic Alumni

Thanks a lot guys, just finished the last one. ? With a score of 2.32 I'm thinking it's downhill from here. It's weird though, the original sub got 3.01. Are people just scoring lower these days?

lxromero profile pic Staff

These are pretty damn sweet. Scores in general do seem to be lower now than they were before. I wouldn't take it personally or anything

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