some advice please ...

hi folks,

i created this last weekend but i am not sure if it's good - any advice?

thanks ….

Watch this
lxromero profile pic Staff

Im not really reading ocean from the lines so the ship seems a little, obtrusive and out of place

Ryder profile pic Alumni

i think you have too many lines in the water... have it be more subtle that there's a skull there...

Ryder profile pic Alumni

also it's very flat, i think that's because you have it all outlined by that circle

lxromero profile pic Staff

maybe have the lines fade and taper out a bit more instead of ending in a neat circle


I think you should make the circle more like a moon,and the ship sailing across the horizon with a reflection of the moon and ship on the water.

badbasilisk profile pic Alumni

thanks a lot friends. i guess i loose the circle and try to integrate it more into the shirt background.

melmike profile pic Alumni

At the moment, the ship looks a bit like an afterthought, like it's just been tacked on.

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