Design critique requested - submission was declined

Hi Threadless Community!

I could really use some help. I've submitted this design several times, at different stages, each time making all the changes I thought were necessary. However, each time I submitted, I received a message that the design was declined because the idea could use some work.

I'm kind of at my wit's end, and need to know, is the idea just not something that people would be interested in buying?

It's inspired by an art nouveau poster called "Limonade Brault" (

For my design, I chose mermaids from six different cultures: (counter-clockwise from top)

The Japanese ningyo
Slavic rusalka
African/Caribbean goddess Mami Wata
Australian yawkyawk
Celtic selkie
Aztec river goddess Chalchiuhtlicue

Watch this

Hi nerijas,

I am not familiar with the poster, and I didn’t know there were different kinds of mermaids.

An improvement to the design would be too just leave out the map and put the illustration on a dark background instead. Also, the bubbles are confusing, and the perspective needs to be corrected.

Anyway, I think you should move on to next thing.

Greets, David

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