Need help. My first design got canned.

I made my first design and it got declined, they say it's missing someting and for me to ask for help in the forums. So hear I am looking for help. Here is my project, hope you can help.Spec Ops

Watch this

It might help if you could explain what you were going for...right now, I don't really understand the concept. What does the barcode mean? Are the triangles significant in some way, or just decorative?

Rui Silva

The barcode represents the code of the specific Spartan as it is written just below it, the triangles are just decorative. Any suggestions?

Rui Silva

It is the logo of the Unit plus the ID of the Spartan.


I like the design, it shows you have what it takes to make a successful threadless tee! I just think your design is a little bit too specific. I think you would do well to make a design that a lot of people could relate to, I'm a fan of the halo games and didn't find the image particularly familiar apart from it saying 'Spartan' on it. But overall, standing on it's own it definitely shows you have the potential to make good designs, so let's see what else you've got! Keep it up. :)

Rui Silva

Thx for the comm. What do you think I should do to Improve this particular logo?

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