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So I kinda live in Sydney now

Hello there, I've been kinda lost for a while I've find hard lately to have time for almost everything.

Anyway, today I did something kind of crazy and bought a ticket to go to Sydney next week... and I haven't figured out half of the stuff you have to plan for a trip... Ahhhhhh!!!

So, Sydney... any fun? someone there to say hi? what should I know?

Update: I've been here for two months now, probably I'll stay longer doing whatever I can do for a while.

I still haven't eat a Kangaroo burger.

For almost a month has rained non stop.

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Well, it's our most beautiful city, and although it could be a bit chilly, make sure you go out onto a ferry to Manly on a sunny day. But I'm from Melbourne, so I'm probably not all that good in advice. I think from memory Mr Rocks lives in Bondi.


Thanks Mike, yeah I've heard Manly is pretty nice so I'll go there for sure, if I can manage I would also like to go to Melbourne as well all depends on how my economy works out, but I also heard nice things so it's on the wish list.


Bumping this because Australian Morning and I don't know how many of you are here, who wants to talk about where you live and stuff.


I'm in Melbourne too... It's cold here at the moment. I know Jebbie lives in Sydney although she doesn't hang out on the blogs these days, Leon Ryan is in Canberra which is sort of close to Sydney... but I'm failing to recall other threadless people who live there right now.


Sweet! thanks Kimby! seems like everyone is scattered all over, oh well we shall see. Where I am right now it's winter too so I'll be prepared for the weather, I've heard it's kind of a rainy season too there hopefully I'll have some nice days too.

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the cuter an animal the more deadly it is


Thanks for noticing I'm cute! blushes

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It's a real crapshoot when it comes to rain. Some winters it's all rain rain rain, others are dry.


Hmmm... so it's that bad... oh well, rainy boots then.

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just had a quick look and it looks pretty clear for the coming weeks.


Goddddddd please stop the rainnnnnnnnnnnnn.

It never ends.

Also, Hi.

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