Hi! Looking for some feedback!

I was going to submit this to the characters contest, but I don't really think it's ready. Any feedback/tips/tricks would be greatly appreciated!

Watch this

A glacier snail – i like :D Can you explain more about what you want to achieve / what the concept is / where the idea came from?

Why don't you add some environment? It would help the viewer to understand the movement of the snail – right now it looks like its standing still, also a bit like floating.

Are you working with adobe Illustrator? The width tool can help you making more natural outlines – if you want that.

I know its too late for the characters contest, but I think its important to finish projects and keep starting new ones!


I definitely need to work on a concept, since I don't really have one! It was mostly just a quick doodle. I'll definitely add some environment...that's a great suggestion. I'll also play around with all the settings in Illustrator to see what happens--thanks!

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