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Recently submitted a design that was denied. Critique it please?

I submitted this design and had it denied because my idea "could use a little more work to be up to standard". I'm a little disappointed, but am determined get it submitted. Tell me your thoughts.

Watch this

Please guys, I would appreciate any and all help.

2 designs submitted - Score now!

Similar designs have been printed already, but also the execution is too simple, I think! :)


I think the lines for the smoke could be cleaner, and you could also try adding some detail to the rocket.


I think it'd look really cool on a navy or black background cause then the rocket would stand out and the purple would look more spacey, just in my opinion :)


I agree with the black background idea, that will give it more contrast and look better straight away :)

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You can try put the entire design on the centre of the tee.also try to replace the sharp edges of the smoke/space part with some softness like adding some puff clouds which fades of to the tee bg. Hope tht helps


I agree that a dark background would look great, and more details on the rocket.. or to lend to a minimalist look, maybe making the stroke thinner and even omitting parts of the lines (and let the audience's eyes complete the lines... does that make sense?) ...

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