Discounted Threadless Coupons - FOR SALE

Hey guys,

I recently ordered a shirt from Threadless and ended up paying $19 in custom taxes.

As much as I would like to order a lot of shirts, I simply cannot afford it.

So I have a $250 coupon that I'm hoping to sell.

I am looking to get $200 for it


a $341 coupon for $280.

Any takers? (payment via PayPal)

(We could have it validated by Threadless I think)

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soloyo profile pic Alumni



What a great offer. I'd totally go for it, if I had more than negative-money.


That's insane, I'm sorry customs in SA are so shitty :( This is a great deal but I really don't need more shirts right at this moment... hopefully someone is keen though!

melmike profile pic Alumni

I'd be interested in taking the $250 coupon if I could get it before the sale ends. Shoot your PP email to me and I'll make the transfer $200 straight away.

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