Please critique my design

I recently entered this image into the characters contest and it didn't do well any ideas on how to improve it.

Watch this

Thanks for taking a look at my critique by the way!

I think that the concept is there, but the execution could have portrayed your character a little bit more. For example apes tend to hunch over more. I think it could have also benefited fro some sort of facial expression. If you were going for the grim look, some wrinkles above the eyes, and by the corners of he mouth could have expressed that more. Some shading would also help pop your creature a little more too. Hope that helps :)


I agree--I think that adding details and some shading would really improve your design!


lol what a funny and cute character


I think the hunched over thing is a great idea, and also shading. Your lines could be better and smoother. Also, it would benefit to add a background, you dont have to color something and make something intricate, just a shadow of a forest or something makes a difference.

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