Thoughts on Multiple Subs?

Sometimes a Threadless Challenge strikes the right chord and I find myself brain storming and then completing multiple designs before the deadline. Was wondering if having so many subs up at once is a bad idea. As a voter- Do you take that into consideration (in either a good or bad way) when you see multiple subs from one artist? Thoughts?

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TheInfamousBaka profile pic Alumni

I don't take it into consideration at all. If I see something I like, I score it high. Simple as that.


^ yeah, same here...although i had the same thoughts on how and if it affects in any way the voting...

On a side note i admire your work rate :) So far i end up submitting 1/4 of my ideas at best...I should probably stop being so lazy :P

MudgeStudios profile pic Alumni

Thanks yiannz. Not sure that you are lazy. It may be best to focus more on fewer subs and put the remaining time into being productive elsewhere?

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