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Help me plan for Threadless Reunion please :)

Hey guys, I'm really hoping I can make it to this year's Threadless Reunion and was wondering if you can help me plan?

Well, first of all, I got a new job, but I'm waiting to get word on whether I got through there as a permanent employee. Once that's sorted, I've gotta go apply for a visa. Sometimes it's a little troublesome to get one, but I'm hoping I get through.

Regarding flights, it would be cheapest for me to get to Florida. Round trip tickets from Trinidad to Florida would cost around US$520. Round trip tickets to Chicago would cost around $1200 - $1600 and that's having to catch a connecting flight from Miami anyway. What's the most practical and economical way to get to Chicago from Florida?

Then of course there's accommodation. If possible I would love to come in from even a week before. However if I can't, I guess I can at least get there from the Friday to Monday.

So any help or advice you can share would be great. Also, what sort of budget should cover the time across there?

Thanks in advance guys! I'm really looking forward to making it :)

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Don't people get murdered at hostels? Or is that just in the movies?

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TheInfamousBaka said:

Don't people get murdered at hostels? Or is that just in the movies?

i made the mistake of trying to find a gif to be funny but now I'm just grossed out...


Thanks guys! I'm thinking next week I'm gonna head out and sort my visa. Just asked my dad and he renewed his recently and it was about $150 and he got through within a week.

I'm all down for sleeping in the warehouse :P

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