Hello guys!

Hello Peeps! _Myself a motion graphic artist from India just wanted to introduce myself as i have joined threadless.com few hours ago. :D

Watch this

Hey, Hi!


thank you guys! :D i tried submitting my design two times, it also go submitted but i am not able to see it anywhere. help please

biernatt profile pic Alumni

I assume you subbed it and got an e-mail confirming that they received, right? Then did you get the e-mail confirming that your design was approved? If not it could unfortunately get rejected, but you'd know because Threadless sends appropriate message too. Although it's good to check your spam mail box 'cause that's where my rejection letter went once :)

Beyond that ask mighty Threadstaff. :)

BlancaJP profile pic Alumni

be patient, most likely it will take 2-4 days to go up for voting. Like said above if you got the - your design was received - email your good. Then you'll get the e-mail that says it's approved, after witch you can go nuts with promo :) tumblr facebook that sort of deal.

biernatt profile pic Alumni

Shit! I put kinda negative spin on this :D going into rejection stuff :) Take Blanca's advice FIRST ;)

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