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Hey Guys! I have an assignment that i have to complete for school and what we have to do is, you guessed it, make a series of 5 T-Shirts that all have a relation.

My original idea was to have 5 elements, like Fire, Water, Air, Earth and Energy, but now im starting to think that that may be a little lame, so if anyones got any ideas on a cool project that I could create it would surely be GREATLY aprreciated.

Thanks, Ultimate Monkey

PS all 5 designes have to be linked in some way

Watch this

oh, you remind me of how i hate school assignments. anyway, my advice is: don’t search the internet for ideas.

and i agree, im not impressed by five elements. I think they don’t even seem that related to each other. My first thought would be the five fingers of a hand, because even though they all different, they obviously belong together and work together. But there are far better ideas for your project, I’m sure.

Good luck with getting inspired!


Thanks for your opinion Day V, greatly appreciated, ill keep thinking and see if i come up with anything cool!


Hi Monkey, How I understand it, it doesn't have to be related to the number 5, does it ? Well as a threadless active member it is normal for you to get obssesed with "5" ;oP But I'd just get any subject that can have several aspects or sides to it, and select the 5 you feel more confortable with. Easy example, Monkeys : there are maybe more than 300 species, just get 5 of them. 1. spider monkey, 2. mandrill, 3. howler, 4. gibbon and 5. the ultimate one !

Truth is, it could be anything. and maybe you'll end up with some good material for a threadless submission. 5 stones 2 birds !


See now, if I was given this assignment, I would be a bit of a smart ass about it. The assignment sucks, and I guarantee most (if not all) of your classmates will make designs out of crazy, in-your-face ideas. (For example: battling comic book characters (or anime), top of the food chain beasts (lions and tigers and bears o my!), outer space, etc.)

So how do you stand out amongst a crowd of loud, in your face designs? Create something that is the total opposite, lets say out of common household objects. Make 5 patterns, 1 for each shirt. Create a pattern that is just made of a kitchen sponge, a tooth brush, a bubbly bar of soap, a sink plug (with the chain) and a wash cloth. Make each design, monochrome too. So the toothbrush is just blue hues, the sponge is just yellow, the bar of soap is just green, etc.

My suggestion may sound boring, but believe me, a design that is made out of the common and unexpected will stand out amongst all your other classmates, and will give you kudos with your instructor. ;P

PS Awesome, abstract pattern, or merely toothbrush and toothpaste?


Haha, Thanks guys, but I've come up with an idea that i think is pretty awesome, any comments on the idea?

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