Hi! Is anyone on spoonflower?

Has it been good/ bad for you? Is it worth it? Please share if you have experience! (spoonflower wise!)

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NDTank profile pic Alumni

I signed up a month or so ago but haven't got around to putting anything up yet.

I did order a sample fabric pack to see what their stuff was like and just realized I never received it. Need to look into that... like right now

Pyne profile pic Alumni

I have an account, but keep forgetting to do anything with it. I sew, and I know lots of other sewers who love it, so it does get quite a bit of traffic. What I don't know is how hard it is to get noticed. I'm planning on doing something for a fabric idea I want for myself and seeing what happens. Can't hurt ;)

gasponce profile pic Alumni

NDTank lol! Pyne, I bet people that sew lovvve it, there are amazing designs there! I was just wandering as you said from a "designers" point of view how worth it it is! Yeah I guess it can't hurt as you said!


Is Lidija on spoonflower? I have a feeling she may be...

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