Buying a whole bunch of shirts!


Some of you may remember me. it's been a long time.
I want to buy a truck load of stuff. Any tips on coupon codes or anything like that?

To all really old people like me, keep on keepin on!

Also, my new bike is so rad. You have no idea.

Watch this

Wow. I have been a part of this thing for nine years soon! That's close to eternity on the interwebs.


This is what I just ordered:

(1) Furr Division - Medium Black Threadless Guys Tee - $14.00 (1) Fighter Socks - Silver Crew Socks - $5.95 (1) Set Speed - Medium Khaki Heather Threadless Guys Baseball Tee - $14.95 (1) Lie - Medium Lemon Zest Guys Pima Tank - $10.95 (1) The Life of the Banana - Medium Marine Blue Guys Lightweight Cardigan - $18.95 (1) There's Nothing Strange In Your Neighborhood... - Medium Heather Black Threadless Guys French Terry Pullover - $28.95

That's way too much, and that's after I deleted a bunch of shirts. I don't even have a job right now. Silly me.


Hey! I remember you a bit :) I placed a pretty big order recently too, I hadn't placed one in ages! Seems like the sales worked out well for you!


Whoa, kidaro sighting! Hi!



Hiya, squinty!


And just to spite you, I changed my face! Sort of.

Musarter profile pic Alumni

Whoa, when you change your name and face it is too much to handle. My brain can't deal with such things.


Hey now, I didn't change my name. That's just silly, unless your original name was "c00lh4x1337" or something.


heyyyy it's kidaroooooooooooo


Hey, tazzie pie! It sure is!

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