Some Feedback on Seal design please

Hey everyone, heres a design for a shirt I have. I've submitted it before but it's been made in Photoshop so I need to re-create it in Illustrator. Was just looking for feedback, if anyone thinks I need to redesign the text layout or the Seal or whatever. Thanks!

Watch this

I dont really get the clubs sign replacing the i 'heart' seals, which i assume it is, Keep it simple, 2 colours no black and maybe redesign the seal?


I dont think animal abuse is something you are going to get positive feedback on or good scores.

What is the message you are trying to give? That you bash seals in their head until they are dead?



I had moment of "I see what you did there." But I honestly don't like the subject matter. Its neat design though.


î think is nice and simple and as idea i think is pretty nice... but over looking the sela shape, its structure is too vague you should work more on it.. tha black is not working with the other tow colors.. and i think it woul d look nicer if u try to be more creative with the fonts.


i love this put it on a playing card so it would be the seal of clubs omg i love this so much.


I think a sans serif font will work better if you are planning on warping the text into the shape of a seal. Futura and Helvetica are my go-to's for text manipulation.


Clever idea! Worthy of a bumper sticker perhaps, but not exactly a shirt.

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