I'm new to the site, not trying to promote, just...

wondering if it's worth the hassle to even try on Threadless. What have you guys attained from putting your work on this site? How competitive is this website? Do any of you feel like you have stayed true to your design style, or have you change your style in order to suit viewer interest?

anyone have any tips or success stories?

my style is very different. I don't do cute animals or funny slogans, just pure pencil sketches. Should I even bother or just start somewhere different? What is Threadless looking for?

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That's a lot if questions, here goes.

For the most part, you get out of this what you put into it. Personally, I've put a lot if time into learning new styles and techniques, and have gotten a good response from that effort. People on here convinced me to get a tablet, which improved my work a hundred fold. It's a VERY competitive environment, but almost everyone is friendly and open to becoming pals.

Some people say they've felt forced to change their style or whatever, but I see no evidence of threadless preferring a certain look or subject matter at the expense of others. You can literally do any kind of art you like here, it just had to be high quality.

For me, getting involved here has changed the trajectory of my life in a sense, so it's definitely been worth it. If I had to put it in one sentence, threadless is looking for active community members and art that captures people's attention.

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My answers:

  1. I do better stuff.
  2. Very.
  3. Yes, I also experimented, it was fun.
  4. Only changes to improve.
  5. Knowing your audience and hard work gives better responses.
  6. You can push harder "your style" and maybe surprise yourself with the result.
  7. Awesome tees.

Did I pass?

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is it worth the hassle? totally yes (signed with my for legs. next you have some more details about "why")

What have you attained? I have improved my way of thinking about designing illustrations. I am discovering cool stuff of other designers. Tones of other cool things you are going to discover by yourself.

How competitive is this website? Very. (Pssst probably the best community tee site out there)

...stayed true to your design style? I had no style, but things are slowly crystalizing. I always loved photography, and now it is showing more and more in my illustrations. You can't lie to your self. But I try to open my mind into different techniques.

have you change your style in order to suit viewer interest? choose 10 personnes on the street and ask what they like: everybody will have opposite idea about the style. - so do not bother with general taste. Do what you like, and if you are true with it people will recognize it and instantly like it.

anyone have any tips or success stories? check out this: https://www.threadless.com/made and this: https://www.youtube.com/threadless

Should I even bother or just start somewhere different? Yep, you wont be disappointed on discovering new things. even you stay after with your style, you'll feel you've learned something cool

What is Threadless looking for? ha ha... send your question to the boss ;) no seriously, look in the shop how different tees are one from each other.

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Here's mine:

  1. I really like Threadless because of the honest art feedback, which I think can be hard to get from people you know in real life. Also there's a lot of amazing artists on here and it motivates me to work harder.
  2. Very competitlve.
  3. My style has changed a little over the ~6 years I've been here but not drastically. This isn't my day job so I don't feel any pressure to change what I draw to suit Threadless.
  4. You should definitely bother. Lots of people don't do cute animals or slogans and they still do great on Threadless.
  5. Threadless wants amazing magic T-shirt art that people will stop you on the street to look at :)
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If you're looking for an avenue to earn money from your art, I'd suggest don't bother since, as the others have said, it's super competitive and very hard to figure out what might get printed. If you're looking for an interesting art community, a challenge to improve your work (both in terms of concepts and execution), and inspiration from the other cool stuff that gets submitted, it's a good place. Your pencil sketches will need to have strong ideas in them (not necessarily jokes) and a pretty high standard of polish though.

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Just looked at your submission! Interesting approach and style. I'd recommend exploring different shirt colours (you could try light lines on a mid or dark background, for example) and see what responses you get.

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I know the staff badge might make me seen a little biased but I feel since I started out here my artwork has improved and I've been forced to try out new methods and new ways of thinking about my design


thanks for the answers, this really helps me a lot!

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hope you end up sticking around, i like the sketch you have up for scoring.

oh and here's some pencil sketch-ishdesigns that did end up printed! (although maybe they're pen. or really realistic photoshop.)

Joe Conde
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YES, it is worth it! You get to meet tons of people from all walks of life and get to mingle with the superstars of the tee design world! I got better at design and I have added tons of works to my personal portfolio. VERY, VERY competitive! I've seen myself evolve a lot in the last couple of years competing here and have developed a couple new styles in my design arsenal. I am actually surprised at myself because I never thought I would or could do a style I have never done before. I can still say I've been true to myself because its still all my ideas being fleshed out.

You gotta love what you're doing, do it for yourself, winning is a bonus. Success for me is relative.

Anything goes in here. Even with a couple of prints under my belt I still can't figure out what the Threadfolks are looking for, haha! With that said just go and have fun while pushing your own design skills. One tip, try to design while thinking about the canvas you're working on, try to make it work in a tee layout. Goodluck ;-)


I came for the cash (never got it) and stayed for the fun (got plenty).

Welcome, you got skills!

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You can draw whatever you want for yourself. But if you want $, you have to study all tees in the shop and design something that make human look good on a tee and it will sell WELL then $$$ will come along ^_^

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all my designs are hand-drawn. :) just try it out and learn some new skills. It dosnt happen overnight. My first few designs along with many many other printed artist are seriously scary! just try it out. You could be the next printed artist :) good luck


wondering if it's worth the hassle to even try on Threadless.

well, you could always just, go outside and do something else or something?

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