Website selling stolen designs from threadless members

Watch this
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oops, if it's run from a "copyright-free country", then it will be a problem :(

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This is the first time I've been aware of someone ripping me off. Ugh, what do you even do except send them shitty emails?


My new favourite tool is right clicking on a picture (not sure if it's just a chrome feature of what) and clicking 'search google for this image'. You can track down everything!


Well they have this ironic DMCA Matters page. Probably bullshit because this sounds like American legalese and they're not an American website, but it might be worth trying anyway.

Does Tless formally take matters in hand in cases like this?

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looks like the owner is in usa... so someone from usa is going to report to authorities this stealing website?


Domain Age: 1 Years, 34 Days Website Speed: Very Fast

Owner: hi hicustom Owner Address: 1320 N Garland Ave Owner City: Fayetteville Owner Postcode: 72703 Phone Number: 14795878332 Phone Type: geographic :Fayetteville, AR Southwestern Bell Email:

Owner Country: United States Website Location: Canada

Probable website origin :- 64%; United States 14%; European Union 11%; Canada 11%; China


you're welcome :] I really dont like when people get ripped off.

Its not too hard to report them. Just fill out the form, and give links to where your art is located online and links to the ripped version. --Send it to the websites host.


Time to start watermarking methinks...


I came across this one I recognised.

I wonder if Threadless are willing to get involved with design they currently have in print, given that there is a contract of exclusivity. Or does the recent change in Threadless policy, whereby designs are not expected to be exclusive any more, make this not their problem?

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Wow. Even their logo looks like a rip.

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You could always send a link to your portfolio for him to rip off, Ixromero. I'm sure he will steal something!

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I wonder how people just buy from a site like this, there is no info at all about the company. More then 5k likes on facebook.


I wish somebody would steal my designs. :'(

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