scoring numbers... back in my day.

so ive subbed a design for the first time in long while. it been scoring for 5 days and has like 150 something that normal? i remember the days of 2000 scores? times are a changing for this old dude...

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Every now and then they run promos to incite people to vote, which works while it's on, but most of the time you can expect a numbers like what you're getting. If you're design isn't very popular, you can end up with under 150 votes, and if it's popular, as much as 800+.

Jake Friedman

Yep, I just had a design end with 175 votes. I don't promote my work at all, so that is probably a part of it. But certainly there are less and less voters. I think as voting has changed more, and more submissions are being accepted, voters are losing any inclination to vote. Occasionally Threadless will have a vote 100 designs, and someone will win some thread-cash, but I don't think those voters stick around too often, nor even vote to genuinely.

It'd be fun to look at the stats for votes over the years that threadless has operated, because I like stats n' stuff.

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