Check out my dr who, dick Tracy, Star Wars, breaking bad, Mario cart, walking dead, he man mash up

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macdoodle profile pic Alumni

That fur is superb!

Edword profile pic Alumni

It took me so long to draw that fur I had to start drawing it before I was born!

Edword profile pic Alumni

Thank for the vote and comment... It's sluggish on that front now a days and ever bit helps!


haha yep, classic!

Best of luck with the design!!


Awesome work .... love the fur ... its definitely worth the time :)

I did score it well :)

Jake Friedman

a little bummed that I'm not seeing a Dr. Who, Dick Tracy, Star Wars, Breaking Bad, Mario Cart, Walking Dead, He-Man shirt. Oh well, still pretty cool.

Edword profile pic Alumni

Thanks for the vote kumpaljhaveri! Hahah sorry to deceive you jake, just having a little fun.

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