Would like feeback on possible future Lion submission

Would appreciate your thoughts on this design of my pretty kitty.

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melmike profile pic Alumni

Any thoughts in particular? At first glance it looks a bit like a photoshop filter job even if it isn't, although I concede that would likely be invisible were it to print.

Personally I think it's okay. I'd probably give it a 3. I usually like tees to either blow my socks off artistically, or make me chuckle. This is nice, but it doesn't do either of those things for me.


just what melmike said. a piece has to be outstanding in at least one field to be succesful here (art, irony, pun, concept,...). there's no strong idea behind this (at least not visible to me) and the execution is average at best. I'd say scratch it (or sub as is) and move on to a new piece. maybe spend some more time finding a stron concept this time around...but look, who's talking, haha! I know how hard it is to come up with aa decent idea..

Wharton said:

Is it a Photoshop filter?

also yes, sure looks like it. and even if it's not...


I do like the colors, but the imagery isn't interesting enough yet...

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