A Design with a Cause and a Memory

Life can throw a lot of unpredictable things at you. We never thought we would find an amazing of a friend as Christopher Moran. Even more, we never thought how quickly he would be taken out of our lives.

Our friend Topher, was not just an amazing artist but an amazing friend. He did everything that he could to make sure his friends were happy. He was always there to help out. He was always there to protect us. He was always there to hang out and have a good time with. He was always there.

His father recently shared with us why making a Threadless t-shirt design would make such a wonderful memory of his son and our friend:
"I discovered Threadless t-shirts when my son, Christopher, and his brother were still small boys. Over the years, we spent a prince's ransom on Threadless t-shirts, and both boys, as well as their step-mother and I, had large collections. Christopher, as noted here, was a wonderful artist, and he long harboured a desire to have one his designs be selected for a Threadless t-shirt. We lost our beautiful boy over the holidays when he was hit by a car. We told people coming to his memorial to break out their favourite Threadless shirts -- or vintage rock-and-roll t-shirts, another of Christopher's fashion favourites. A few of his friends from the arts high school they all attended used a piece of our Topher's original artwork to create a t-shirt that many of them wore to the service. Now, they've put it up on Threadless so everyone can share it. I hope you all like it and vote it into existence. That would be just an incredible and fitting memorial for our boy."

This illustration was part of a series that Chris had created. The drawings had sprung from the inspiration he received when starting our experimental painting and drawing unit in our high school art class. Chris would take old pieces of wood and look at the natural lines and swirls of the wood to make skull shapes. He used what he learnt through experimental drawing and painting and inspiration he had gathered from endlessly looking through National Geographic magazines to create a series of illustrations that represented an amalgamation of urban and with natural. This series had become one of his favourite pieces that he made and something he was very proud of. They held a special spot in his portfolio that he presented to the University of Waterloo School of Architecture, which he was accepted into and where he continued his post-secondary education.

This is more than just a t-shirt design. This is a memory. A memory of a loving friend, a wonderful son, a caring brother, a beautiful boy.

Scoring this design would be beyond appreciated. If you have designs to be scored leave us a comment :)

We'd like to donate any money we earn from the design to the Hamilton General Hospital and the Mark Preece Family house, where they took such generous care of our Toph and his family.

Thank you so much for taking the time to read our story.

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ChrisFrenz profile pic Alumni

Thank you all!


This is such a wonderful tribute and a lovely illustration. Thanks so much for sharing it with us!

gasponce profile pic Alumni
karaed said:

This is such a wonderful tribute and a lovely illustration. Thanks so much for sharing it with us!

couldn't 've said it better. voted. I had already 5 it without even knowing! r.i.p. And I hope this prints for everyone in remembrance.


wonderful tribute.. and it's a sweet illustration. best of luck!

cshimala profile pic Staff

Such a great tribute and a fantastic way to remember your friend. 5!

Wharton profile pic Alumni

So sorry to hear about this Love the illustration. Its amazing how Threadless can become such a big part of people lives.

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