I started a comic

I'm calling it Motherworld. I wanna share it with y'all. if I never made a tumblr I'd probably put 'em all here instead. I dunno how long I could manage it but it's been fun so far.

Watch this


(see what I did there? hehe)

TheInfamousBaka profile pic Alumni

Aw yissss. :-D How much are you planning on updating it?


Where can we see it (other than here?)

Pez Banana

cool, the kind of comic i like to read. Silly, absurd, weird. I like the robot guy, though he reminds me a bit of Prince Robot from Brian K. Vaughan's SAGA comic.



mike bautista
mike bautista profile pic Alumni

thanks everyone! n_n

Phil, it's just on my tumblr for now. if I ever feel like I'm in it for the long run I might make a site for it.

Tiffany, for now it updates on Mondays. once I find a job and start getting money and junk I might be able to focus on updating more often, or at least work on more comics.

Mitch, !!! thank and hug your mom and buy her a burrito for me.

Jeremy ;0; thanks, it's cool to have one.

Pez, I haven't jumped into Saga yet. soon!

L-M-N-O-P profile pic Alumni

I saw on tumblr that you were looking for Secret Sandwich Service puns. (Although these are pretty bad) you can use any of these (as long as I get a producer credit): Grilled Suspect Sandwich; French (Connection) Dip; Cheese Steak-out; Cornered Beef; Scam-burger; PB & Jailtime; Mediterranean Wrap-sheet; I Smell a Rat.

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