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Hey Threadstaff - Watching a "Deleted" Thread

After finding out a while back that we can delete threads on here, I deleted a few.

I however do have a deleted thread that I was "Watching."

Is there a way to remove that from my Watch list now since I can't go into the thread and un-Watch it?

Watch this
jeffreyg profile pic Staff

Hmmm it's weird that it's still showing up there lol


It keeps following me o_O

I told it to shoo but it stays there.


Yeah, I guess this is the way to delete it:

Put Delete as the title and then Delete as the Content

it doesn't actually delete it, it just makes it so when you click on the Thread, it takes you to a Shimala 404 error page instead of being able to look at the thread.

These are my assumptions as far as how it works.

Wheels03 profile pic Alumni

So why can't users delete their own threads again? I realize Threadless stopped us from doing this a while back, but was there a specific reason?

jeffreyg profile pic Staff

this is so weird, sent it to tech

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