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ThePaperCrane profile pic Alumni

Initial Qs/opinions:

It's in a different order to old style with some designs missing?

Too many 'Does not compute errors going on!

Love the endless scrolling but needs a 'back to top' button like tumblr in top right corner.

New style will mean far less comments, unless a comments field is added at the bottom of each design. Could be just added to the expanded (unscored) ones to keep it tidier?

Morkki profile pic Alumni

Yeah, a back to top button would be essential. I think they're going to try and integrate the commenting to the "feed" view. Also I'd like an option to see a full size image without going to the subs own page.

toomanymikes profile pic Alumni

Thanks for the feedback folks. ;-)

jeffreyg profile pic Staff

It's in a different order to old style with some designs missing?

The information for both comes from the same database. I think they just might be refreshing the data at different times. I'll have to see which one's updating faster by looking at the scores.

Too many 'Does not compute errors going on!

This should be fixed now! Digital just fixed it so give it a sec to kick in, and hopefully there's no more errors! Let us know if there are.

nathan-hinshaw profile pic Staff

Thanks for the feedback Rick! I'm really glad to hear you're digging the new feed!

Jeff has commented on some of your notes, but I wanted to follow up and let you know that adding the ability to comment from the feed is in the works, as is a back to top button--those are excellent suggestions that we agree will make the experience on the feed better. This is the initial rollout, and we'll be adding features to it as time goes on. To that end, any and all feedback is welcomed and will help us to build the best dang product we can.

Morkki said:

I mean like a magnifying glass icon that would open the full size image in a pop up on top of the feed, like tumblr does.

This is totally something we plan to roll into v2, I agree that it would make the browsing / scoring experience better.

Keep scoring and keep letting us know your thoughts!


Wow, this makes down-voting so easier. Just kidding, love being able to see the designs in details. Now, how do we speed comment? ;)


Haha, should really read more.

nathan-hinshaw profile pic Staff
nerrik said:

Wow, this makes down-voting so easier. Just kidding, love being able to see the designs in details. Now, how do we speed comment? ;)

Send a case of sparkling yerba mate.


She's in the mail.

soloyo profile pic Alumni

I fail to see what the big deal is all about (or anything at all)

The Paper Crane said:

Hey I just followed myself???? Should I?

Follow yourself everywhere. EVERYWHERE.

Morkki said:

What if you unfollow yourself? Will you be lost forever?

The dixonjonesy way.

nathan-hinshaw said:


There is now a "back to top" button on the scoring feed.

Cool, but we have that on our keyboards, righte? Or is it for the iThing crew?

I still don't know what Rising is for.


Wow ! Super fast scoring !!! Really like the new scoring experience ;)

But is it stable yet? I noticed that random designs are missing every time I refresh the page..Also I noticed some duplicated designs, but I'm not sure if that's wrong...

Another thing is the order (sorting) of the designs..Is the "top designs" button the same as the previous "average score"? If,so then why has the order changed so much? I mean, last time I checked, my design, which has been up since today, was in the 1st page..Now you have to scroll way down to the bottom to find it...and I don't think it's because of some down-voting, cause it got very few scores since when it was in the 1st page...

Last thing I noticed, is that the design filtering based on the scores I give is missing..Those buttons only appear on the Archive page..It would be nice to have them back for the "In running" designs...


please return the old version of scoring system....much better than the new one....

soloyo profile pic Alumni

YEAH, I am stuck with IE at work, whcih means no more scoring on slow days for me. way to go threadless


me too!i though that's a problem about my internet connection or something! somehow i don't like this new scoring page and also the "POPULAR PRINTED DESIGNS" everywhere!

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