Feedback/Critique Needed, before submitting..."Hot-Dog" for the "dogs" challenge (Now it is UP)

I call this design obviously "Hot-Dog" and the idea behind it, I think it's also obvious...Just a cool dog lying there on a delicious bread, posing like a hot model, and waiting to be bitten :P

For now, I've done these two rough sketches...The second one is an alternative,which makes a better (i think) use of its other hand, and makes some more space for the word "dog"...

What do you think so far? Any suggestion, critique, comments are more than welcome and pretty much appreciated!

Thanks in advance!

UPDATE#1: added images 3 & 4
UPDATE#2: added image 5
Now it is UP for Scoring!

1.Hot-Dog (rough sketch) #1
2.Hot-Dog (rough sketch) #2
3.Hot-Dog (rough sketch) #3
4.Hot-Dog (rough sketch) #4
5.Hot-Dog (before submission)

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melmike said:

I likey... could he be pouring the sauce on himself? Just an idea.

I was thinking the same

melmike said:

I likey... could he be pouring the sauce on himself? Just an idea.



Actually this is a great idea! It came through my mind too, but for some reason i don't know, I skipped it! Maybe I was lazy, at that time,to try another one :P So, Definitely gonna try that! Thanks and cheers!

@BeanePod: I like this idea and I'll give it a try too! I'm a bit concerned though, on how it's gonna fit with the two words..maybe i'll need to abandon the idea of the words hot-dog..but then i'm afraid there will be two big empty spaces on the shirt and the upper bread..Anyways I'll try it and then I'll judge ;) Thanks!

I'll post here the progress, hopefully by tomorrow...In the meantime I'm still all ears for more feedback :)

Thank you all for your comments so far!

melmike said:

I likey... could he be pouring the sauce on himself? Just an idea.


Don't know who Craig is (I'm relatively new here...), but sounds like he's a pretty cool guy :D

lxromero said:

This actually reminds me of a picture of Craig thats around the office.


Well, I've been busy on the weekend, doing nothing, so here's a little update.. Tried to implement the ideas above, on the images 3 & 4. I'm still not sure about that curly strip of mustard... But, what do you think? Any suggestions?


I like the way #3 is going. His arm looks like its not moving since the mustard is already spread on the body. Maybe have a little extra dribble down his side where the bottle is being held (like in #2) ?


I've added image #5..What do you think?

I would really appreciate some feedback before submitting..

Also, if you want to check the progress steps from image #4 to #5, i've gathered them all here.


Yeah, I became an obsession to find a way to keep that in :P

...and you're probably right, I should have submitted that already...Very soon I will !


BeanePod said:

hahahah...f'n sub that shit already :D

way to keep "dog" in there


love the adjustment! ::5 for 5::


Thanks guys!

I'll submit it now, and of course I'll let you know when is up for scoring.

@lxromero: 2nd time you mention his name here...Now I'm really curious to know who Craig is...Would you please tell me? :)


Great idea yiannz!

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