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Help - Need some advice. What does this design need?

Hi everyone.

I'm working on this for (maybe) the Geek contest, or just for general. I think it's a strong idea, but I'm not sure what it needs to complete it... apart from that I want to redraw the whole thing in pencil.

Any advice very welcome.

Happy Saturday!

Watch this

can you explain your idea?

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Hi guys, thanks first of all. The idea is a pair of robotic hands peeling the old Apple logo to reveal the new white logo beneath... is that not clear? As for the hands, you're totally right Franco, but remember this is just the early stage. I was planing of course to shade and add depth and texture, to make their physicality clear.


no. it is not clear.


I missed it too. Your illo is pretty good though, hands are hard to draw.

The Paper Crane
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I saw straight away that it was a reference to Apple Mac but did not make the connection to the new white logo. You could add a leaf and put it on a black background to help with recognition (or brushed aluminum?).

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