New Threadless Terms for the unprinted artist...

There's been a lot of talk lately about the new Threadless artist contracts. Talk about "percentages" and "rights" and "terms" can be pretty confusing for anyone, but extra confusing for the unprintable artists who have no experience with the old Threadless terms and will have no experience printing under the new terms.

So, for the never-did-and-never-will print artists such as myself, I've crunched the numbers under both the old and new Threadless payment terms. Hopefully this will put a lot of the speculation and uncertainty to bed:

As you can see, under the new terms and conditions the zero is smiling and wearing sunglasses.
I think we can all agree that's better for everyone.

Watch this

Well, my uncertainty just jumped out of bed like grandpa after a golden ticket and ran away screaming 'all is lost!'

Thank you for squashing my hopes and dreams. :[


O. What are you saying?

Its symbolic isnt it? ....I should give up trying to make any money as an artist --and get into some shady business?


Sunglasses.... as in, it's soo hot... ...wait, youre saying my designs have as much chance of getting printed and selling as a snowball's chance in hell?

Now, that's just cruel.


nice to know unprinted artists get 0 and sunglasses. hope those come with the "you are awesome" card.


very convincing. I like the new T&C from this point of view...

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