Ripped shirt in Bangkok :D

I was ripped a couple of times already, but this is especially "cool"because a friend of mine found it on a market in Bangkok! :D I don't know, this kinda makes me proud, but it also sucks of course thehehehe! :D

I can't find this "GAMO"company anywhere on the net though....

Watch this
macdoodle profile pic Alumni

If you're gonna get bootlegged, Bangkok is a pretty rad spot to end up. I'm jealous. I would love to get ripped off some day. :)



Jake Friedman

Congratulations?! I think. I'm sure these guys aren't online so theres probably very little to do from a legal standpoint. At least the arts out there though- thats gotta count for something!

brainrust profile pic Alumni

I've seen a few Threadless designs there, I thought of the artists who were missing out on income (the main reason I avoid buying ripoff shirts myself) but in a weird way it's pretty high praise! Of all the shirt designs in all the world, they chose yours.

ArTrOcItY profile pic Alumni

Congrats on your ripped design!;) Camden is a haven of ripped threadless shirts, every time I visit London and go to Camden, I'm surprised at the amount of stolen threadless shirts out there! I think it would be cool to see my ripped design, in a strange kind of way, but I think it really does hurt threadless business a lot and they should definitely do something about it, especially when it's sold in big markets...

queenmob profile pic Alumni

Haha thanks guys! I am just trying to only filter out positive feelings out of a situation, where I am not willing to spend energy on preventing it ;D O I try to feel honored about it. Hahah!

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