I made something 8-bit / video game related. How does it look to you guise?!

Would this fail to "parody" and go straight to Nintendo be suing my ass?
Is it any good nonetheless? Would you wear this is a shirt?


Watch this
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Okay... my bad... more like 16bit as i was CLEARLY going for SNES Mario.

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Whoa,this is really great and I see no valid copyright infrigement material so it's totally ok IMO. Might seem a bit communist ^^ but very cool smoke and stuff. Congrats, really dig your style.


it looks great but at first it took me some time to notice mario down there.

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Woohooo! That was the whole point. By the time you notice Mario, I'd be long gone (no lawsuit against me) and you'd be thinking: "Hey, this is a NICE take on videogame related design."

Just as means of comparison, this relates to a duo of previous designs that were never printed. But are selling somewhere else.


Great design ! Would totally fit in the parody challenge I guess. The others two are also really nice, awesome colors and beautiful clean lines, I wonder why it didn't get printed.


that looks great!

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I thought it'd print too... but no dice yet... And with the new policies around here it might still. Make a campaign for it to print! (:

I'll sub this to the parody anyways. Have nothing to lose.

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