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Hi there everyone !
I was wondering, how do people get to see your submissions ? I mean, how do you promote yourselves to get beyond thousands votes ? Because although I post my submissions on twitter, tumblr, and on the Threadless forum, I never get over around 150 votes (except for the challenge submissions of course). Not that I am complaining, but I'd be very, very happy if you guys had tips about how to spread your art well and get voted, good or bad ! And in general, it would be nice to know how did you manage to get there, from the beginning. From unknown awesome artists to popular awesome artists !

Thank you per advance and continue the great work ... !

Watch this

Thousands of votes?

Get a time machine and submit in 2004; make fake accounts; submit Dr Who stuff.

If none of these are options, just don't worry about votes and scores and keep designing and submitting ;)

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Just make art that stands out on its own, good idea, good subject, good composition. Take a look at the gallery and ask yourself if your eye is attracted to your design first among all the others. Eventually little by little you get more followers inclined to give you a nice score but as far as I know there is no magic trick to get more votes, either you got some or you don't, really it's that simple. Even making posts on facebook or tumblr (which I do) seem very useless.


Hahah thanks for the advices ! I know it takes time and that the pleasure is in making pretty cool stuffs to show. It's not that I'm craving for votes and hoping to find the ultimate trick to get them, but I'm interested in other people stories :) and eventually discover a good website for promoting art and design.


You have brighten my day with this ! Thank you

theillustratorman said:

I use this

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The highest scoring designs get the most votes and comments, so it stands to reason that making the best designs possible is the way to do it.

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