Mo Knows Fashion: Gettin' High Waisted at Threadless

Ok. It's not what it sounds like from the headline. That's not a spelling snafu. We're just really excited about high waists: pants, shorts, skirts, everything considered a vessel for your legs and thighs. We're bringing up the waistline (and down the house).


Anyone can wear a high waist. Hiking up the waistline will make boyish figures more feminine and cinch curvy figures into a more defined hour-glass. Shorties can find the illusion of height, while tallies can give themselves legs for days. It spins casual outfits into fashion forward and professional outfits into sensible sass: it’s pretty magical what moving a line a few inches higher will do.

It’s hard to find the perfect tee to rock with a high-waist since so many designs just don’t work as well split in half. So, I did the hard work for you. Here are several ways to pull off new and old favorite Threadless tees with an elevated waistline. Because, you know, Mo knows.

Holy Crop!

Crop tops and a high waist is an it trend for Spring 2014. Throw in some flirty florals with the Botanical Profanity crop and you’re practically runway ready.

If you’d rather not wait till Spring, rock the crop now in these high-waist jeans, a chunky knit sweater, and brightly colored belt like Jillian (left), or pair Where is the Fish? with some extra high jorts and tights like Kat (right).

Better on Top

When searching for tees that work with a high waist, switch the catalog preview from designs to models by clicking the model display icon in the top right corner.

Look for designs that sit on the top half of the tee, as opposed to those with design placement over the entire front panel.

These designs put a cute and casual twist on the high-waist silhouette.

You can give flirty skirts a playful wink with an adorably crass Girly tee like S-Hi-T! sported by Sarah.

Stars in Stripes

Many of tees with a play on stripes work well with a high waist since the lines match up so perfectly.

Work a cutesy tomboy look like Crystal pairing jeans and Play With Me, or opt for a more scholarly sophistication with pleats and Linear Landscape under the new Select Stop Bugging Me cardigan.

So All Over It

Sublimated dolman tees featuring all-over prints not only have a great shape for a high waist, but the raised waistline also helps break up the pattern to make your waist look itty-bitty.

Ninna (left) in Exclusion and Stacie (right) in Cat Knitting get primped up professional in their dolmans and pencil skirts.

Really, though, any all over print will work. Geek Chic arrives at a whole new level of swank paired with pleated pants and heels.

Look how sassy I am in that high waist. I look like I'm about to board a plane to Helsinki. If you weren’t lucky enough to score Geek Chic while it was still in-stock, request a reprint here.

Or just cut-it off

Who cares? If you love a tee, just wear it, even if half of it’s hiding beneath your waistline. This works especially great for that I don’t give a shit look constantly trending on

Pegasvs (left) and Breathe (right) are abstract enough to avoid confusing the eye when cropped. Leather booty shorts and a jean vest harden what might otherwise be a very feminine design, wheras a high waist skater skirt brings a feminine touch to Breathe.

So whether your style leans more towards classy cool or punked-out prim, we can all get high-waisted and have some fun. As always, Mo knows.

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TheInfamousBaka profile pic Alumni

I love love love high waists, it's great for girls with hourglass figures. Dem hips! I can't wait until I get a decent mirror set up so I can take some Threadless fashion selfies. :-)

crystalr profile pic Staff
TheInfamousBaka said:

I love love love high waists, it's great for girls with hourglass figures. Dem hips! I can't wait until I get a decent mirror set up so I can take some Threadless fashion selfies. :-)

Yes!!!! Please submit to threadpics :)

soloyo profile pic Alumni



Definitely some cool styles that have me wanting to give it a try!

berlynhubler profile pic Alumni

LOVE this... now all we need is some warm weather

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