My #1 Goal (To achieve or not to achieve)

My #1 Goal for three years has always been to getting printed on threadless, I havn't been here as long as some people but long enough to know how threadless works, I've seen the website make some Big changes and seen people come and go.

I feel confident that I will eventually see this through, I have climbed the score board from 1.74 to 3.27 and want to thank you all for the continuing support, through good times and bad times.

Here is to a the year 2014 of achieving my #1 goal!

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TheInfamousBaka profile pic Alumni

Keep up that persistence, Theo! That was my only goal last year and it felt impossible. :-) You can do it!

Musarter profile pic Alumni

Your attitude is the best and you are one of the kindest/most encouraging people here. I hope you can reach your goal this year.

Theo86 profile pic Alumni

thanks everyone! your comments is what encourages me to continue towards my goal. :)


Hey Theo, just wanna say keep at it, man. I've only just gotten my first print and I know it'll come around to you as well. You've always supported me, bro. I can always depend on seeing you comment on my designs. It's always meant a lot, man. Thanks! Hit me up an email with your address and lemme hook you up with some goodies.

Oh, btw, 3.27 was my print's score as well ;)

Theo86 profile pic Alumni

Thanks ChrisDB, I hope so. It's been my pleasure to support your artwork. :)

Ru Chery

Theo86 I share that same goal as well. I haven't gotten printed yet and that's ok because it just motivates me to get better and produce more designs. Theo86 I know that your day is coming. Keep producing great work and continue to be awesome!!

BlancaJP profile pic Alumni

Keep at Theo and thank you for your support, you are one of the nicest ones here, and you have made great progress, with great designs.

nintechno profile pic Alumni

You got this!


Praying for it, bud! :D

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